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The KIGALI Capsule - Made in Rwanda

Our latest edition, 'KISUA RESORT' is a new fresh approach to the traditional resort collection.  A smaller capsule of 'seasonless wardrobe staples which will be produced all year round.  'The KIGALI Capsule' is an 8 piece resort collection inspired and made in Rwanda, the heart of Africa.  Named after the capital city, 'The KIGALI Capsule' reflects this vibrant, fast paced and culturally rich place.  Inspiration from the people and natural landscape of Rwanda - from the cool colours of the Nyungwe Forest to the cold blues of Lake Kivu, one of Africa's Great Lakes, is seen in the collection.  

'The KIGALI Capsule' perfectly reflects KISUA's brand DNA; contemporary ready-to-wear pieces made and inspired by Africa and its people.  The people of Rwanda played an integral part in the collection and each piece, with it's defined individual style, is an homage, named and identified by the strong women of Rwanda:  

Sula Top

Iliza Circle Skirt

Zuba Sundress

Gaju Kaftan Dress

Maliza A-Line Skirt, Shirt, and Culottes

Uwasé Reversible Dress

Fine geometric prints anchor this collection.





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