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KISUA for 8 Summer 2016

Summer 2016 sees the launch of The Sahara Collection- the result of a second collaboration between KISUA, the unique African fashion brand that showcases the continents brightest design talent and 8, the independent Italian brand offering contemporary fashion. The collection will be available globally on and

Once again, we see the DNA of both brands fused into an exciting collection that seamlessly merges 8’s timeless silhouettes with KISUA’s vibrant and eclectic African spirit to create an offering of stand-out wardrobe must-haves, all inspired by Africa’s great Sahara dessert.

The Sahara Collection derives its inspiration from the landscape of Africa’s largest desert. Stretching from the Red sea all the way to the Mediterranean, the Sahara has been the pathway between Africa and Europe, and now between KISUA and 8. Cracked, scorched earth, brown sands, the African skyline inspired the prints for the collection. Rich Indigo hues, dusty reds and vivid corals give the collection its vibrant feel and form an eclectic colour palette.

The collection almost entirely utilizes original African print fabric manufactured in Ghana and the Ivory Coast. It consists of 17 unique styles and features 8 artisanal prints which capture the textures and mood of the vast expanse that is the Sahara desert.

The new KISUA for 8 Sahara Collection is once again at the forefront of cross-continental collaborations, promoting trade and development in Africa’s emerging apparel and textile industries. The entire collection was produced in Africa, overseen by the KISUA design and manufacturing teams, helping to create jobs and foster sustainable development on the continent. 


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