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Q&A with Botswana based style bloggers



Describe yourselves in three words:
Tsholo Dikobe: Creative, Passionate, loving.
Gaone Mothibi: Kind, artistic, free soul.

Why did you start blogging?
Tsholo Dikobe: I was inspired by my untold African stories as well as providing an outlet that shows how fashion has opened the door to so many new cultures that has evidently changed the industry and our culture as well. Further-more, I always knew I had a different, quirky eye and interpreted fashion differently. I see fashion as a way, a lifestyle and not just about vanity. This is my outlet to show people that fashion is our history, and plays a major role in our daily lives. 

Gaone Mothibi: For simple reason of sharing our story with the world, to inspire and motivate while in the same giving room to learn from our readers.

Why the name “The Khoi-fro”?
Tsholo Dikobe: I am playing with what it means to be African through our culture and fashion. Khoi means “real people”, “people people” of southern Africa who are physically and linguistically akin to the San. I called it Khoi, as a token to honour the almost extinct tribe that is tied to our origins. Their lifestyle and my style are forever changing. I travel to places I can only imagine through fashion. Moreover, my style is forever evolving, hence it imitates their way of life as nomads.

How long does it take you to get dressed/ ready in the morning?
Tsholo Dikobe: It depends on a lot of things like my hair and mood, but it usually takes about 30-60minutes.

Gaone Mothibi: About an hour to an hour and a half, beauty takes time.

You were on the cover of New African Woman Magazine? What’s your definition of a “New African Woman”?
Tsholo Dikobe: A new African woman is a woman who knows what her uncontaminated roots are and worth. She embraces the Africa that is within her without shame. She doesn’t seek attention, she commands it. 

Gaone Mothibi: Definition: Woman who is proud and recognizes her true roots/ background, a woman who aspires to be inspired and inspires others herself. A ‘New African Woman’ gets up and gets things done.

Do you have a favourite local (Bots based) designer – if so, who?
Tsholo Dikobe: I am a fanatic of AFRICAN LACE by NEO OOKE. Her accessories are fun, bold, and quirky and with a sense of humour – something I love in my fashion. I have also come to love SER TONY COUTURE BY ANTHONY SEFEMO- there is definitely a style direction / evolution he's got going which I am starting to gravitate towards. I can’t ignore Aobakwe Molosiwa of GILDED SANDS – two words: 'Elegance re-defined'.

Gaone Mothibi: Favourite designer at the moment in Botswana would be Aobakwe Molosiwa (Gildedsands).  Aobakwe has a way with fabric; it’s as if he commands a fabric to create clothes that mesmerize the eye.  Mothusi Lesolle of iZaura is also a favourite: he knows a woman’s worth and is able to show you just how much beauty can be translated through clothes and lastly Botho Chalebgwa: the upbeat, futuristic young fashion designer who brings a fresh cut into Botswana Fashion.

What do you think is the future of African fashion?
Tsholo Dikobe: It is from African culture’s creativity that modern African fashion has influenced, and been influenced. African fashion will continue to be the portal or source of inspiration for many years to come. The future of African fashion looks promising; all we have to do is learn the business of fashion, and create a consistent channel or gateway for our products to international markets. If we could emphasize and ensure commercial relevance and quality of our products, then Africa will be the fashion haven.

Gaone Mothibi: African fashion is and will always be the inspiration to the world of fashion; the time is now for fashion to revolutionize and looking into the future, Africa will be the fashion destination. Class, culture and sophistication infused will cultivate a futuristic fashion destination of the entire globe.

What do you think about KISUA (be honest) and what drew you to the brand?
Gaone Mothibi: one word to describe the KISUA brand is, "Substance". What drew us towards the brand was the authentic African flair and impeccable structure the brand possesses. Fashion cannot get better than this.

BONUS QUESTION: If you rubbed a lamp and a genie came out and you had one of three choices which would you choose: 1. An unlimited clothing budget for the REST of your life 2. World Peace, or 3. the ability to read people’s minds?
Tsholo Dikobe: NUMBER 2 –The world needs peace.

Gaone Mothibi: Number 2


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