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KITROPIKI - The Tropical Collection

KISUA’s second Resort collection - ‘The KITROPIKI Capsule’ is a follow up to the much anticipated and well-received debut, ‘The KIGALI Capsule’. As promised, this latest Resort collection - ‘The KITROPIKI Capsule’ - is a well balanced capsule collection featuring interchangeable separates that will refresh women’s existing wardrobes. 

‘The KITROPIKI Capsule’ is a thirteen piece resort collection, which features prints and silhouettes inspired by the rich tropical regions of the African continent. ‘KITROPIKI’ is the Swahili translation of ‘tropical’ and aptly describes the lush prints of the collection, which were all produced in the tropical regions of Ghana and Côte d’Ivoire.  

‘The KITROPIKI Capsule’ fearlessly features brighter and bolder prints than its predecessor and is sure to add a tropical punch to any wardrobe. From the lush greens of the Sanaga River in Cameroon to the electrifying blues of the Banana Islands in Sierra Leone, the colour palette of ‘The KITROPIKI Capsule’ is a proud celebration of contemporary tropical Africa. 

The collection is once again made in the tropical region of Rwanda, East Africa.
‘The KITROPIKI Capsule’, like its predecessors, has helped KISUA advance trade and skills development in the African fashion industry, especially for women.

KISUA celebrates all that is Africa! 




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