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IMARA - The Sports Luxe Collection

This June sees the launch of the IMARA Sports Luxe Collection from KISUA. The IMARA Sports Luxe Collection pays homage to the forgotten traditional sports and games of Africa that have given birth to the popular sports now played all over the globe. Style names of the pieces in the collections are inspired by these traditional African sports and games. From as far north as Sudan to as far wide as Madagascar, this collection celebrates the diverse, historical tribal sports and games whose origins can be traced back to the continent.

‘IMARA’ meaning strong and powerful speaks to the physical strength associated with traditional sports such as Nuba (traditional martial arts) from Sudan and Savika (traditional bull riding) from Madagascar; to the intellectual strength required for board games like ‘Oware’ originating from Ghana. These games have largely been forgotten yet they were influential in the creation of many of the more modern sports and games played today. The IMARA Sports Luxe collection has been designed for the KISUA woman on the go and features styles which are laid back and practical, while still making a statement. The Nuba Bomber Jacket and Nuba Sports Pants are designed for comfort and ease. The loosely fitted Owari Pussy Bow Blouse can be worn with the statement Oware Flared Trouser adding a hint of formality for an occasion. The IMARA Sports Luxe Collection offers a clean, fresh palette of classic hues and textures which were designed to compliment the bold prints that have become a staple at KISUA. The collection was made in South Africa.




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